The 2021 School Year is upon us, but for many families and teachers, the “back to school” season looks much different than it has in the past. 

Depending on the state and region, some school systems are starting the school year with remote learning. Others are offering the option for virtual or in-person classes. Some schools that began the school year with in-person classes are already changing course to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, such as one Georgia school that closed just days after reponing. 

Even if your classroom is fully or partly virtual this year, there are still creative ways to welcome students back from summer break and kick off the school year with positivity. 

Here are ten ideas for welcoming your students back to school virtually:

  1. Create a Bitmoji classroom and give your students a virtual tour.
  2. Try virtual icebreakers such as question prompts or online games. 
  3. Help students create a personalized virtual background for video calls. 
  4. Create a collaborative slideshow presentation introducing your classroom and students. 
  5. Gamify your classroom and track student behavior and progress with online tools. 
  6. Create virtual vision boards with your students that illustrate their hopes and dreams for the school year. 
  7. Play a scavenger hunt game where students find objects in their home or room. 
  8. Have a silly selfie contest and use creative filters. 
  9. Lead your students through creating introduction videos to share with the class. 
  10. Play a song over a video call and lead a virtual dance party or stretching break. 

The school year may feel a bit strange this season, but just remember we are all in this together.