You’ve been there many times. The kids don’t want to get out of bed. Breakfast is rushed and running late. There’s a lost backpack, a lost homework assignment, a lost shoe. 

Making it to the school bus stop on time is an achievement when you are juggling multiple tasks and, potentially, juggling multiple children. 

No one likes to be stressed in the morning or to miss the school bus, so we’ve compiled our top four tips for getting to the bus stop on time. 

    1. Pack backpacks the night before. Life is so much easier when you’re prepared ahead of time. Although it may take extra effort to motivate your children (or yourself) to pack backpacks and lunches the night before, it will be worth the ease and peace of mind the following morning. Packing backpacks right after homework time when students already have their mind on school is a great way to limit last-minute morning rushing and make it to the bus stop on time. 
  • Get to bed on time. A good night’s rest will reduce oversleeping and early morning grogginess. Encourage healthy bedtime habits with your children—such as limiting screens and not snacking before bed—and create a cool, dark environment in their bedrooms to make falling asleep easier. 
    1. Designate a school “uniform.”  Even if your child’s school does not require a school uniform, simplifying your childrens’ wardrobe can make dressing in the morning a snap. Provide a selection of similar clothing and maybe even buy doubles of favorite items so that choices are limited and children spend less time deciding on an outfit or hunting for a missing item. 
  • Aim to arrive early. Plan on arriving at the bus stop 5 minutes early. Waiting a little longer for the bus will be less stressful than rushing around last minute. Encourage your students to use the time waiting for the bus creatively. Perhaps they can think of a game to play with friends or use the time to stretch or wiggle to shake off morning sleepiness. 

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