The COVID-19 pandemic has dramatically changed the way many daily activities are conducted. From eating out to shopping to voting, processes are changing to adapt to the global health crisis and slow the spread of disease. 

As socially-distanced activities become the new normal, many companies and individuals are finding ways to creatively adapt and transition outdoors. 

Educators in particular are getting creative with methods to engage and teach students—from a distance. 

Here are five examples of teachers across the country who came up with some innovative and health conscious learning opportunities.  

  1. According to the New York Times, one Utah school for home-schoolers moved classes outside to a series of 33 canopies, which can each accommodate about 25 students and a teacher. 
  2. Music teachers like Amy Putnam of Seattle have been holding outdoor music classes so that students can get in-person instruction without the health risks associated with indoor spaces. 
  3. A library in Morton, Illinois created outdoor browsing sessions in the library garden. Patrons can look through books and check out using their phones or other mobile devices.  
  4. Schools across the country, like The Waldorf School of DuPage, are building outdoor classrooms with seats six feet apart so children can experience a personalized learning environment that also meets CDC recommendations. 
  5. A middle-school math teacher in South Dakota taught one of his students from the other side of her glass front door, using a whiteboard and marker to illustrate problems from a short distance.