School buses are considered some of the safest vehicles on the road, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, but accidents still happen. 

The average child in the U.S. may spend over 2,000 hours on a school bus during the course of their K-12 Education. 

If your child rides the bus to and from school each day, here are six ways they can be safe and support the safety of other students as well. 

  1. Stay seated and quiet while the bus is in motion. Loud noises, movement, shifting belongings and disruptions can cause the bus driver to become distracted while driving. Talk with your children about their behavior and the behavior of their peers while riding the school bus and reinforce positive habits. 
  1. Keep hands and arms inside the bus. Putting hands, arms or belongings outside the bus window can distract the bus driver and other drivers on the road, causing them to lose concentration. Putting limbs outside a moving vehicle window can also lead to injury. 
  1. Don’t block the aisles. In the event of an emergency, the bus aisles need to be clean and clear. Don’t place backpacks or other items in the school bus aisle and keep the path to emergency exits clear as well. 
  1. Hold belongings tight. Hold on tightly to belongings when entering and exiting the bus so they don’t fall or catch on handrails. If you drop something near or under the bus, you should alert the bus driver instead of retrieving the item yourself
  1. 5. Don’t eat or drink on the bus. Spilled food or beverages can be a slipping hazard and can distract the driver and other students. In the event the bus needs to make a sudden stop or turn, it can also be a choking hazard. 
  1. Use hand sanitizer. School buses transport many children and they can be breeding grounds for bacteria. Seatbelts, handles and poles can all carry germs and viruses. Using hand sanitizer before and after riding the bus can prevent the spread of disease. 

Is your child aware of these safety guidelines and other precautions to take when riding a school bus?