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In 2020 we launched a campaign to make the commute to and from school safer for 100+ school districts in Texas providing peace of mind for parents and better technology for local schools.

We believe every child deserves access to the best technological resources to keep them safe and happy, which is why for every 10 schools that partner with us, we will donate a FREE Bus Kids Safe subscription to an underserved district.

school bus driver route app

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About Bus Kids Safe

Bus Kids Safe is a mobile app that allows parents and schools to track school busses in real time and get notifications about pickups, dropoffs and delays.

We are an Austin-based company founded by a father of four who felt parents and school districts would benefit from more accurate bus route tracking.

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Bus Kids Safe was designed to integrate with existing school transportation software. Bus drivers check in on the app when they start their routes, pick up and drop off children, and complete their routes. Parents and school transportation personnel are then able to track the progress in real time.

If you are interested in a safer, easier and more reliable bus tracking system for your school, book a call to get more information and start your free trial subscription.