Bus Kids Safe In The News

Will My Child Remember A School Bus Tag? That’s the question Daniel Griggs, founder of Bus Kids Safe, asked himself as the school bus tracking systems that rely on tags and key fobs began to emerge.

Unlike the systems that use tags to check student passengers into a school bus, Bus Kids Safe requires drivers to push a button on a phone or tablet to check in students by name. It is a digitized version of the system many school bus drivers already use.

The Bus Kids Safe founder explained this difference to a reporter from local Austin television station KXAN this week. 

“My wife and I have four children. He leaves his jacket at school, he leaves his backpack at school. How do I know he’s going to keep up with a tag?” Griggs said.

KXAN featured a story about Bus Kids Safe that describes some of the differences between it and other bus tracking apps on the market.

One major difference between Bus Kids Safe and other routing systems is that Bus Kids Safe is currently free for Texas schools. Once the software changes to a paid subscription model, it will cost between $30 and $80 per school bus.

However, as part of the 100 School Districts Mission awareness campaign, Bus Kids Safe will donate a subscription to an underprivileged school for every 10 paying schools or districts that subscribe. 

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