Bus Kids Safe is a web and mobile app that lets parents and schools track school bus driver routes in real time and get notifications about pick-ups, drop-offs and delays. Download software now!

The app has received a positive response from parents in the Austin area, across Texas, and even as far away as Fairbanks, Alaska. 

Several local media outlets have interviewed founder Daniel Griggs and featured Bus Kids Safe in news reports on television and online. 

You can watch the TV news coverage here on the Austin KVUE channel website and read the online story from local newspaper Community Impact here

Daniel Griggs created Bus Kids Safe after his own child’s bus failed to arrive at the scheduled stop one day and he began researching ways to improve the school transportation system. 

“The peace of mind parents will have knowing where their children are and when they are dropped off and picked up is priceless,” Griggs said.

Interested in getting the Bus Kids Safe app for your child’s school for free? Shoot us a message and we will get in touch with your district.