The COVID-19 pandemic and resulting school closures across the country have resulted in millions of parents essentially homeschooling their children. 

In addition to managing their own careers and responsibilities, parents are now having to set their children’s daily schedules and keep them on track to complete assignments. 

If you are one of the many parents who have now stepped into the role of co-teacher, school nurse, school advisor and principal all at the same time, here are some common homeschooling tips to avoid.

  • Don’t try to recreate school. You will likely experience burnout if you try to recreate the classroom experience—especially if you are working from home yourself. Instead, shift your expectations of “success” and “normalcy.” Focus on your child’s greatest needs and biggest passions and encourage them in those areas.
  • Don’t rely totally on virtual resources. Children and adults across the world are experiencing a phenomenon called “zoom fatigue” from the increase of video conferencing and screen time. You may find your child has a short attention span for focused, online work, so try to mix it up with other types of activities such as movement, outdoor time, reading, and hands-on projects. 
  • Don’t overschedule. This is a volatile, uncertain time, which means schedules and emotions can change rapidly. Daily routines can be helpful in establishing a sense of safety and security for your child, but make sure you build in plenty of margin and are able to be flexible if things change. 

Parents and teachers alike should go easy on themselves and their students during this global pandemic. It is normal to feel overwhelmed or frustrated when trying to carry out daily activities. If you find yourself overloaded, just remember these tips and also remember that everyone is in this together and are doing their best.